Monday, March 15, 2010

Days like these

Today is another one of those days that we seem to keep having this winter.  Yes, it's still a few days til Spring and we are ready for it!  We just can't seem to keep everyone well around here.  My sweet girl was a little puny all weekend, but a little Tylenol helped her bounce back so we didn't worry too much.  Last night was a different story.  With a higher temperature and several times waking up in the night with a sore throat, I knew the strep monster had struck again.  A couple of weeks ago it struck Isaac.  Another, different bug struck his dad the same day.  It was one of those days, like today, when I was so glad to be a mom who could be here and take care of all my little chickadees. 
Don't get me wrong, sometimes taking care of the sicklings is no fun at all.  Sometimes, I have to forfeit my agenda for the day and reschedule things I wanted to do.  But mostly, because I have the privilege to be home for my family, I am able to refocus my plans and be ready to serve the family God has given me without worrying about covering lots of other bases of an outside job and all the stress that comes with that. 
I love the routines of having my little one home everyday and caring for him. I wouldn't trade the time during these early years for anything.  There is just something about a sick day for one of the big kids, though, that really reminds me of the importance of my job.  It's not only being here for the babies that matters.  The big kids need me too and I am thankful to be here for them.
As thankful as I am, I do hope we will not have too many more of these days any time soon.  Please say a prayer for my LuLu and for baby J who is just too quick!  He has already swiped a drink from her cup!!!  Oh, how I do not want a toddler with strep throat!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Little Heros

OK, so I am going to use this post to brag a little bit about my good kids.  No, they're not good all the time, but I sure am proud of them when they work hard and their efforts are noticed.
I am very happy that the big 3 have such good teachers at a new school this year.

Isaac tends to be a class clown, starving for attention and rather impulsive at times.  He just loves to be a cool kid and make people laugh. Despite his tendency to "lose points" every day and be easily distracted in his class, Isaac is just a smart kid.  I am thankful that his teacher has the patience and wisdom to see past his craziness and see his potential.  She nominated him this year to participate in the gifted and talented program at school and he was accepted.  If we can work on self-control and focus, I know that Isaac can have a lot of success and a lot of fun doing challenging work.

If you know Eliza at all, you know that she is the second Mommy in this house.  She is no different in her classroom at school.  She is so eager to help anyone that she can.  She does not get involved in the little girl "drama" that seems to have already taken over many little girls.  She is always helpful to her teachers and on the look out for the child who needs a little pat on the back.  Her school counselor started a program in January called Highland HERO.  They wanted to give an award to a boy and a girl from each class who exhibited "Honesty, Effort, Respect and Optimism."  Eliza was chosen to be the first Highland HERO from her class for January.  She just makes us smile and we thank God for the tender heart He has given her.

After having several conversations with the boys' teacher about Isaac throughout the year, I was very excited last week to get a call from her regarding Maddox.  This was a good thing.  She had chosen Maddox to be the Highland Hero for her class in February.  This is kept a secret from the students until the morning assembly on the day of the presentation.  Maddox notices who is "good" and who is "bad".  He takes notes of who is in trouble and which kids are always doing what is right.  Despite the bad attitude we see at home sometimes, I know that Maddox tries hard at school to do what is expected of him.  He knew this award day was coming and he really thought that he deserved it.  It was really a treat this morning to watch him accept his award at school and be named a Highland HERO.  Maddox is such an interesting study.  He goes from quiet to crazy, reserved to really angry all in a given day.  It will be so neat to see how God molds his little heart and mind.

So, thanks for sharing in my proud mommy moments for today.