Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All in good time

This time of year holds a really special place for our growing family.  During this time 8 years ago, it was just me and Brandon at our house in BG with too many extra empty rooms wanting desperately to have a baby, waiting for things to line up.  We had already started the paperwork for our adoption from Kazakhstan.  Little did we know how God was working this very night.  In a small town in northern Kazakhstan, not one, but two baby boys were preparing to enter the world.  And they were ours!  From that day, though we had no idea how God would prepare us in the coming months to travel halfway around the world, the first two Porter boys had entered this world.  Oh, how our world changed when these boys came home with us in October that year!  Their laughter, chubby smiles and crazy hair made them the most engaging little fellas imaginable.  We loved that crazy, unpredictable time with two toddlers providing ready entertainment. 
Natually, we were thrilled when less than a year and half later, the Lord gave us sweet little Eliza Grace the completely natural home-grown way.  Now living in Smiths Grove, we had three babies under 2 years old!  Wow, I am so thankful that Eliza and the boys were healthy during that first year because it was and still is a complete blur!  Fun times were had in those toddler/preschool years as we went to the library, played at the park and had lots of time with our family.
Two short years later, as the boys were celebrating their 4th birthday, I was expecting again to have another son in July.  Baby Benjamin's movement had changed during that week after Maddox and Isaac's big party and I became concerned.  Exactly a week after we celebrated the birth of our first two sons, we began to mourn the loss of our third.  It was heartbreaking and devastating.  Delivering a baby who I knew would not be breathing and then burying a tiny casket made for the most heart wrenching weekend of our young lives.  God was gracious and comforting through our sorrow.  He has taught us much about suffering and how it can be used for his glory.  We will forever have the memory of Benjamin to encourage others as we have opportunity to share in suffering with them.
So, fast forward two more years to April 2008.  After a surprisingly quick pregnancy, finding out only in December that another boy was on the way in a few short month, Jameson decided to make the story of our lives even more fun.  Being due with him on April 25, the doctor and I had decided to go ahead and plan to induce one week early on the 18th.  After the loss of Benjamin, we were both a little anxious about how things would go, so the earlier the better.  I had a doctor's appointment on April 15, the boys' birthday. So, on the 14th we decided to go out to eat and celebrate a day early, just in case the doctor was ready to send me on to the hospital after my appointment the next day.  Jameson had other plans.  He was ready!  So, as soon as the kids were tucked in bed and I sat down to relax that night, surprise!  My water broke, we went to the hospital and Warren Jameson Porter waited til just after midnight to arrive and share his special day with his big brothers!
Tonight, here I sit with swollen feet and a belly that I feel is to its capacity.  Wondering, could it be a 4th Porter baby on April 15th?  I would not protest if Millie wants to join the party tomorrow.  It would be nice though to spread out the celebrations, at least by a day or two.  Right now, only God knows and so we wait.  After all He's brought us through and all He continues to bring our way, we know we can trust Him.  We are so excited to welcome another baby to our family.  We're still a bit shocked and overwhelmed that God would have this plan for us.  I know His plans are better than mine though, so I trust Him and step forward knowing that He is already there. 
So, stay tuned.  Maybe we'll have some news tomorrow.  Maybe it will be 2 more weeks.  Either way, we can't wait to make the announcement that Millicent Ruby Porter has arrived.