Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18--For Real!

In the mornings while everyone is getting ready for school, Jameson's favorite thing to listen to is "God Rocks".  It's this CD from a cartoon called Bibletoons-God Rocks.  They use cute little characters and catchy tunes to sing different scripture.  I love it because it reminds me of God's word and helps to keep it in my head all day long.  So, today's song that stayed in my head all morning was from this passage. 
1 Thes. 5:16-18 say "Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances.  For this is God's will for you, in Christ Jesus."
Now, if you can't take Mother of Preschoolers and babies gross potty stories, you may want to quit reading now and just apply this verse to your own life. But if you want to see how I, a mom who sometimes loses her temper and does not usually see these little situations as joyful times, really tried to apply God's word to my daily hassles, then please read on.
As I was trying to quickly eat my bran muffin, drink a little coffee and have a quick devotional moment after the big kids left for school, I heard Jameson (2 1/2 years old) exclaim from the other room "I did it!"  Oh no!  Now in this stage of potty training, J has figured out where the stuff goes, he just does not always use the traditional methods of getting it there.  This morning, the transfer was helped along with his sweet little (now completely gross!) hands.Yuck!  Needless to say, the clean-up was full-scale and left not only the bathroom, but the whole house smelling less than lovely.  With a clean, naked boy running around, I moved on to baby Millie who is fussing in her play seat.  She did not want to miss out on the party so she was sure to thoroughly soil not only her diaper, but pajamas too.  Baby clean up is a little easier, thank goodness.

So, throughout this beautiful morning scenario, I kept singing my little God Rocks song.  It made me think, how can I be joyful, pray continually and give thanks in this circumstance? These were my thoughts.

Be joyful always...
I can choose to have a good attitude.  Be joyful when?  ALWAYS!  It's a tall order, but I'm not going to let a little you know what get me down in the dumps. (No pun intended:))

Pray continually...
Lord, please help me not to throw up.  Thanks for giving me a strong stomach and the ability to breathe through my mouth.

Give thanks in all circumstances...

I am so thankful for these two little lives God has given to me to care for.
I am thankful for a house with plumbing where unwanted odors can be cleared.
I am thankful for the new air fresheners and candles I bought yesterday (buy one, get one free!).
I am thankful that I get to be here with my babies.  I really am glad someone else didn't have to clean up that mess!

My list of gratitude could go on and on.

I know that God's will for me is to be joyful, prayerful and thankful in ALL circumstances.  Thank you God for Christ Jesus who uses the grandiose and the gross :) for His Glory!