Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday Boys!

3 boys, 1 birthday!

The morning party celebrating 4 year old Jameson at Chuck E. Cheese.  This boy gets so excited and overwhelmed with all the attention and celebration.  Jameson has the best expressions of joy.  His laughter is so contagious.  I love this face!

Little sister Millie found her place talking on the phone and riding the horses.

Thanks to Big brother, Maddox, Jameson had a blast in the ticket blaster!

A few hours later, we move on to the Big Boys celebration.  Maddox and Isaac invited 4 of their good friends from school to stay all night.  Due to late baseball practices, the party didn't really get started until nearly 8:30pm!!

A nerf war (in the dark) was the perfect party game for this bunch of boys.  The big boy (Dad) and little brother thought it was pretty awesome too.
And now there are 7 boys sleeping under my roof.  What a day!  So thankful for my boys and the fun we have together.  Can't believe we are entering the double digits!