Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fun night at the Porter House!

A night at home would not be complete without a gun fight.

Maddox is serious about playing his games.

For the kid who usually hates the camera, Maddox has become quite the happy poser.

Where do they learn these poses?

Eliza is usually the singer for Band Hero. Especially if it's a Taylor Swift song.

Jameson will not be left out of the Band Hero fun.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Isaac is my child who likes school lunches. I hardly ever pack a lunch for him. So today, he was the only one happy about taco salads. Unfortunately, the taco salad has returned! When I picked him up at school he said he had a headache and started crying. Next thing I know, you guessed it, I hear hurling from the back row. Never mind the fact that I'm driving a rental van due to my little fender bender last week. The ten minute drive home with taco-scented vomit filling the van was rather disgusting to say the least. So, now I'm on to clean up what I can and put some of the magic medicine behind his ears hoping we've seen the last of this stuff. However, remembering the events of the stomach bug of Dec. 2009, I'm a little bit afraid that we may be in for a long weekend. Pray for us, but for your own good, stay away.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm gonna do this

I have thought about creating a blog for a while. It's just that I'm not that creative. I couldn't come up with a cute title. I'm always afraid that my words sound stupid. And frankly, my thoughts are so fleeting that I'm afraid I won't have anything to write by the time I sit down at the computer. Anyhow, I feel like this is one way that I will overcome my terrible skills at keeping any kind of journal and recording all the precious and crazy stories of my life right now.
So, I needed a title and a direction to go with this thing and it hit me at 3am. The sweet old song, "Count your blessings" was going through my head. "Name them one by one". The Lord gives me one blessing after another every day. So many times I do not stop to consider them. I am so privileged to have 5 blessings walking through my house each day and one more blessing bouncing around in my belly even now. I want to take the time to remember each of these beautiful people God has placed in my home as well as taking time to make note of all the other little blessings that pass before my eyes moment by moment.
So, here it is. I know it won't be perfect. And if no one reads it, that's fine. This really is just for me anyway. I want to be more reflective. With my terrible memory, I really need to write down and record in pictures all of these moments, or they will be gone forever from me.
So, with this blog, I will attempt to regularly count my blessings and name them one by one.